Watch Pacquiao vs Cotto LIVE Online Stream

Watch Pacquiao vs Cotto LIVE Online Stream

"He may be slow-footed and easy-to-hit but there is something in Miguel Cotto that makes him truly a live-wire opponent", says Freddie Roach, the head coach and trainer of Manny Pacquiao.

"Remember, he beat Mosley, who is also quick on his feet and punches and Mosley is one of the trickiest and toughest fighters not only in boxing but in the entire boxing history. Don't you ever forget it", he added.

Yes, he is right. Miguel Cotto is not an easy target or maybe, if Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao will still have the illusion that Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto is just going to roll over and die on November 14, it will be Manny who will be the easy target.

The fight between Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto is slated on the said date on the same place, The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be another night for all of us has been waiting for and you can watch Pacquiao vs Cotto live via video streaming if you can't watch it on PPV or CCTV or if you haven't got the chance to buy your own ticket!

Oh, by the way, another thing that worries Coach Roach is that Cotto has started training in Puerto Rico under the strict supervision of head trainer Joe Santiago and strength coach Phil Landman while The Pacman has not yet started his training as the Filipino is still busy with his showbiz schedules, mall tours and a very busy local TV program taping of a local soap opera where he is starred and the thought of running for a government position is still in the mind of this great Filipino pound-for-pound champion.

Will he make it in time? Will he also beat Cotto the way he did to his other opponents? Well, the answer lies on November 14! Good luck to both of the guys and good luck to all of us! You can watch this historic fight via PPV or CCTV, as tickets are now sold out this November 11! If you want, you watch Pacquiao vs Cotto live via online streaming!


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