Manny Pacquiao Negative From Steroids Use

Manny Pacquiao Negative Of Steroids Use

Mr. Floyd Mayweather, Sr., sir, the preeminent state sports body in your country, the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), has cleared Manny Pacquiao of steroids.

This is just what the news report have said hours ago regarding the steroids test done on Pacquiao to prove that the claims of controversial boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather, Sr. is nothing but...well, claims.

The NSAC executive director, Keith Kaiser, told everyone through the media that "Pacquiao, every time he's fought in Nevada, has been tested for any drugs or steroids use and he is 100% clear".

So, that means to say, Mr. Mayweather, Sr. is really good at one thing and that's to tell tall tales, telling it to the Marines and eventually, gulp down on them.

Well, that clear things for Manny Pacquiao and his camp.

But even though NSAC has made the final report, the older Floyd Mayweather still insists that Pacquiao is on some type of supplements or enhancement drugs and "one of these days, he going to get caught", added Mayweather, Sr.

A slander case is well on the way to be filed against Floyd Mayweather, Sr., Roach said, Pacquiao's coach. Pacquiao added, in his native tongue, that it's Mayweather, Sr. who needs medical help because it feels he's the one with the problem, not me, said Pacquiao. As this is developing, both Mayweather, Jr. and Marquez are getting through their final stages of their training to prepare for their match this coming September 19 at MGM Grand Garden Arena, which is dubbed as "Number One/Numero Uno."

Well, that settles it, then. So, for the meantime, while we are waiting for some updates before the fight of Mayweather, Jr. and Marquez begins hours from now, let's all stick and wait for some updates!


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