Houston Astros vs Philadelphia Phillies

Houston Astros vs Philadelphia Phillies

You just can't get enough of baseball now, can you? Well, here's another treat for you and if you are a huge Astros or Phillies fan this will surely make you go ablaze: it's the Houston Astros vs Philadelphia Phillies and they are going at it at the center of the Phillies' diamond field this coming Monday, September 28 @ exactly 7:05 pm ET and if you can't go out to the ballgame, then, you have lost one half of your life!

This is one game you shouldn't miss as these two teams will do everything just to add another victory notch on their chest but of course, neither teams will let their guards downs especially if the Astros and Phillies were led by their pitchers: Yorman Bazardo and Cole Hamels, respectively.

So, the heat is on on this very humid night in Philadelphia this Monday, September 28. So hot is this match-up that you can even cook your hot dogs over it! And don't forget the six-pack as you enjoy munching on your hot dogs while you watch the game either on TV or out on the field!


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