Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers

Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers

Another great baseball game match-up will surely burn up the place on fire and this is going to happen this Monday, September 28 @ 7:05 pm ET and it's going to be the Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers and it's going to take place at Detroit, Michigan. You can almost feel the intensity of the heat just by reading this!

This is one good match-up 'coz we all know that these two teams have their own share of ups and downs, wins and defeats and this Monday night, they make sure that after they enter the diamond field, only one team will emerge as the victors and both the pitchers of both teams agree on that and they will lead their own respective teams to victory: Nick Blackburn of the Twins and Rick Porcello of the Tigers!

Remember, you can watch this up-front when you buy your tickets or you can watch it live on TV direct from where the action will take place!


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