Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers Game #1

Minnesota Twins vs Detroit Tigers Game #1

The Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers' Game One is set to be set the place ablaze with steaming red-hot and heavy baseball action and it will flare up this coming Tuesday, September 29 @ 12:05 pm ET and it's going to happen on the home turf of the roaring Tigers.

Nick Blackburn, the probable starting pitcher for the Twins will lead his team on the road to victory but the waiting Tigers, led by their probable starting pitches, Rick Porcello, will be there to put a stop to whatever the Twins have in mind! This should really be an exciting game as both teams have their share of wins and defeats in the past! Now, they are at it trying to prove who's the best! Now, who do you think will win?


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So...what the hell is happening here?

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