Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees

Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees

We all know that this Sunday, Sept. 27, there will be a lot of baseball match-up. Aside from the Orioles and the Indians, you can expect that the Boston Red Sox will go against the New York Yankees and it will start at 1:05 pm ET at the home of the NY Yankees- the Yankees stadium!

Paul Byrd, the probable starting pitches of the Red Sox will rally his team to victory in this Sunday's event! This should be his first against the Yankees. On the other bunker in the field is the NY Yankees team led by probable starting pitcher, Andy Pettitte. Everybody knows Pettitte is suffering from a fatigue in his left shoulder but this won't stop him from leading the Yankees to victory!

If you're a fan of either of these teams, for sure, nothing can stop you from watching this great baseball match-up.


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