Dodgers vs Pirates baseball action

Dodgers vs Pirates Baseball Action

Two types of games the most people would love to see live and cheer on until they die are football and baseball. If you're into hitting things with a bat, then, for sure you will be excited to watch this next baseball game and it's between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Pittsburgh Pirates and it's going to happen on Monday, September 28 at 12:35 pm ET and it's going to be played at the home turf of the indestructible Pirates!

But even though how indestructible the Pirates are, the visiting team, the LA Dodgers, will try everything to stay on top of the game and they will be led by their starting pitcher Hiroki Kuroda! But Pittsburgh starting pitcher, Zach Duke, will be there, making sure they have everything in control!

The L.A. Dodgers vs the Pittsburgh Pirates, now what more can you ask for? So, get ready this Monday, September 28 @ 12:35 pm ET for the best baseball match-up this week!


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