Kansas City Royals vs New York Yankees

Kansas City Royals vs New York Yankees

As the continuing saga of the best baseball season continues, another great game is about to unfold this coming Monday, September 28 and 7:05 pm ET and it's all going to happen in the neighborhood of the New York Yankees and folks, you know what that means? Yes! It's going to be Kansas City Royals vs New York Yankees and this one's going to blow up the whole house! This exciting game should not be missed by anyone and they can either watch this on the bench, or on their living room sitting on their Lazy Boy!

The Royals had a big taste of victory over the Minnesota Twins and they vowed to do the same as they get to play against the NY Yankees. But Yankees says this is not the right time for the Royals to win, not ever, while they are in the standing in the middle of a diamond field regardless of who's home turf it's going to be! Now, that's the spirit that we're looking for!

So, don't forget, it's going to be this Monday, September 28 @ 7:05 pm ET and woah! Guess what! That would be hours from now!


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