NBA Action: Philadelphia 76ers vs New York Knicks

NBA Action: Philadelphia 76ers vs New York Knicks

What do you get when you put the Philadelphia 76ers together with the New York Knicks? It's going to be the best NBA action! For years, these two teams along with others like the Chicago Bulls and the LA Lakers have mesmerized fans with their hard-court action and this Saturday, October 31 at 7:30pm EDT, you're going to watch Philadelphia 76ers vs New York Knicks LIVE via video streaming or on your TV (CSP, MSG) or better yet, get to the sidelines and shout and scream and cheer until your voice drops dead with delight!

The 76ers recently were devastated by threes courtesy of Orlando Magic as the invaded Florida. But this time, things can be very different and coach Eddie Jordan and the rest of team sees to it that it is. With a standing of 0-1, they are still able and ready to make it 1-1 this Saturday. But would the Knicks allow that? Maybe, but in their perspective, it's going to be 1-1 for them from their current standing the same as the 76ers. So, it's "mano a mano" for both these powerful NBA franchises and you can only see how things will unfold when you watch NBA 76ers vs NY Knicks LIVE via online streaming!

So, don't forget the date, Saturday, October 31, 2009 @ 7:30pm EDT and definitely, don't ever forget the provisions- beer, hotdogs and popcorn and rah-rah pom-poms!


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