Crazy New Mexico Female Soccer Player Gets Dirty

Crazy New Mexico Female Soccer Player Gets Dirty

Is anybody familiar with the name Elizabeth Lambert here? Well, if you are not yet familiar with this beautiful lass playing soccer for the New Mexico team, you will be surprised. One look at her face will really make you fall in love but from out of the blue, things can really get crazy when this beautiful girl becomes crazier than hell once she wears her soccer uniform and standing in the middle of a football field! She will literally throw elbows, punch somebody in the back, trip somebody while handling the ball, pulling the hair of someone and even kicking into someone's face instead of the ball! Watching this crazy New Mexico female soccer player will really make you go "OMG!"!

You should have see her deliberately yanking the ponytail of the opposing team's (BYU) player and sent her crashing to the ground. Because of this, pretty but crazy Lambert was suspended Friday for her infractions during a 1-0 loss game to BYU in a Mountain West Conference semifinal.

Definitely, this is one crazy hot chick you wouldn't want to take home to momma!

Would you like to see how this chick annihilate and obliterate the opposing players? You should see the video of it!


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