NASCAR Dickies 500 LIVE via Video Streaming

NASCAR Dickies 500 LIVE via Video Streaming

This Sunday, November 8, 2009, at 3:31pm EST, revving of NASCAR motor cars will once again be heard and this time, the epicenter is going to be at the Texas Motor Speedway in Forth Worth, TX and we all can get to watch NASCAR Dickies 500 LIVE via video streaming and watch as NASCAR cars go whizzing by! It's going to be the 34th or out 36 races on Sprint Cup circuit.

For a little bit of information, the Texas Motor Speedway has a total of 1.5 miles as its track length and with exactly 334 laps, it's going to be a 501-mile race to NASCAR victory! Jimmie Johnson is still on the lead while Mark Martin is on his trail with only a difference of 184 points. It's a close call but Jeff Gordon is on the third place and this upcoming NASCAR race in Texas will definitely be anybody's race!

So, get ready this November 8 and cancel all appointments if you can! This is one NASCAR circuit that you don't want to miss and if you can't find a way to head down to Texas for the event, just watch NASCAR Dickies 500 LIVE via online streaming!


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