NFL Health News:Alzheimer's Football?

NFL Health News:Alzheimer's Football?

I have been searching the Internet for some good NFL live online streaming so that I can watch my favorite NFL teams go at each other but I was a bit surprised to what I've stumbled upon- Alzheimer's Disease. Well, for some of you, it may not be surprising. But what is surprising is that, there was a study ordered by the National Football League (NFL) to uncover information that there were incidents of memory problems or dementia like Alzheimer's disease among the football players of NFL and a study confirmed that this memory-related disease appear to be more common among NFL players, including a 19-times higher rate among men who are between 30 to 49 years old.

I was shocked to read all about it and I kept thinking, "What would be the cause of Alzheimer among NFL players" and most of all, if there is a connection with football-playing and Alzheimer disease, what? And of course, the ultimate question would be: "Is there a cure for Alzheimer disease particularly for NFL players?"

No, I wouldn't want my football heroes to go down with this disease and I just hope the people involved with NFL, the players, coaches and the league itself can find something to avert this.



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