Pacquiao's Other Weapon: His Filipino Smile

Pacquiao's Other Weapon: His Filipino Smile

See the picture on the left? No, that is not Pacquiao when he was young. It was a picture of boys playing in the flood waters in the middle of the street somewhere in Manila. On the right, of course, is Manny Pacquiao smiling. So, what is the relevance of these pictures? It's the Filipino smile.

We have seen Manny Pacquiao over a couple of times and not once we have seen him not smiling. He was smiling in the locker room, he was smiling before coming out to the ring, he was smiling while the referee is babbling over some rules and regulations and just recently, Manny was smiling everytime the bell rings to end the round. If Manny Pacquiao lost to Cotto, he will still be smiling and you all know that, right?

Other people from other countries are amazed by how Filipinos handle problems in life. Even amidst the raging flood waters, Filipinos still smile although they have lost their homes and everything. One foreign journalist, while doing a news report of the last typhoon that hit Northern Philippines observed that "he was just amazed by the attitude of the Filipinos. Even in the middle of a crisis, you can still see them smile."

Manny "The Pacman" Pacquiao is indeed powerful, very swift and agile but for me, his greatest secret weapon is his Pinoy smile! For sure, his positive look and positive outlook made him champion and that's why, he is now holding seven different titles for seven different weight divisions.

We can all learn a big lesson here, from Manny Pacquiao and the whole Filipino nation, in general. A smile can really make things better.



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