Watch NBA 76ers vs Cavaliers LIVE via Video Streaming

NBA teams have their own share of victory and defeat. But the most important thing is, when they're down, they know how to get up and this Saturday Nov. 21 @ 7:30pm ET, the 76ers and the Cavs have an opportunity go get up when they're down, to continue rising when they're on top and their game is going to be played at the Cavs' home court. The best part for NBA fans is they can watch 76ers vs Cavaliers live via video streaming or through TV networks like TCN and FSOH, LIVE and direct from where the action is!

The 76ers has a current standing of 5-7 and they will try to make it 6-7 this Saturday. But the host, the Cavaliers, wanted to make it 10-4 from their current of 9-4. Who can ever make it to another winning notch on their shoulder boards, the 76ers or the Cavs? You can find out this Saturday as you watch NBA LIVE via streaming on your PC or TV!


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