Watch NBA Suns vs Hornets LIVE via Video Streaming

Watch NBA Suns vs Hornets LIVE via Video Streaming

NBA is one of the most watched sports in history and whether it's on the sidelines or the benches, or through live feed on the TV or through the Internet right into your PC, people will really give some time two watch NBA games and this coming Thursday, Nov. 19 @ 8pm EST, another great NBA match-up is going to be played right in the heart of New Orleans, the New Orleans Arena, where you keep on rollin' on a river. It's going to be the Phoenix Suns vs New Orleans Hornets and you can watch them LIVE via TV network TNT or you can watch Suns vs Hornets live via video streaming!

The Western Conference standings as of this time is the Suns has 10 wins, 2 losses (Road: 6-2/ Home: 4-0) and the invaded host for Thursday, the Hornets, has 4 wins and 8 losses (Home: 3-2/ Road: 0-3). Looking at the standings, it seems that the Hornets has a lot of things to protect aside from their home turf and the Suns will prove that even if they went to the Pacific side of the Western conference, they will be shining as brighter as they want to be. But the Hornets has a lot of stings in surprise.

This could well be a helluva good NBA game and if you're still sitting in the office, don't worry. You can still watch Suns vs Hornets LIVE via online streaming!


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