Watch NBA Wizards vs Heat LIVE via Video Streaming

The Wizards really need more than magic to fan the Heat in this November 27 NBA match-up between these two teams! Yes, that's right, this Friday at 7pm EST, the Washington Wizards will go to Miami, Florida to face and try to fan out the heat out of the Miami Heat and you can watch this game via online streaming through ESPN or you can watch NBA Wizards vs Heat live via online streaming!All the magic the Wizards can handle are not enough to give them the boost. With a 4-9 standing, they have to give all they got to beat the Miami Heat with a 9-5 standing. Everybody will be going the extra mile in this exciting game and who can come out as victor this Friday? The only way to find out is to watch Wizards vs Heat live via video streaming! So, get relaxed! It's Friday, remember? And watching this NBA game is a great way to relax after a whole week's hard work!


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