Watch NHL Hurricanes vs Canadiens LIVE via Video Streaming

Watch NHL Hurricanes vs Canadiens LIVE via Video Streaming

As the NHL season is churning and turning, we will be seeing yet another great NHL matchup this Tuesday, Nov. 17 at 7:30pm ET and it's going to be an NHL battle between Carolina Hurricanes and Montreal Canadiens and the game will explode right in the hockey rink of the Canadiens and you are going to watch NHL Hurricanes vs Canadiens live via video stream or via your TV network RDS, that is, if you can't manage to go to where the puckgame will be!

In the Southeast part of the Eastern conference, the Carolina Hurricanes are in the fourth place and the Canadiens in the Northeast group of the Eastern Conference are also in the fourth. The Hurricanes have a total of 19 games played, so far, in which they won 3 and lost 12. ON the other hands, the Canadiens have played 20, so far, and have won 9 of those. The standings are far apart but of course, the spirit of both teams are there and whether they are visitors or hosts, they will go at it like it will be their last!

So, better brace yourself for one helluva of an NHL collision and you can watch Hurricanes vs Canadiens LIVE via online streaming or get out there and cheer for them. Remember, it's going to be this Nov. 17 at 7:30pm ET!


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