Watch Sumo Wrestling November 2009 LIVE via Online Streaming!

One thousand five hundred years ago, sumo wresting began as a sort of religious ritual in ancient Japan and it has become a sport in the 8th century and rules and regulations were made that clearly resembles the sumo wrestling of that time to the sumo wrestling of today. That's why, sumo wrestling as a sport is also considered as a window to the ancient world of sumo wrestling gods and the rich tradition and culture of ancient Japan which as spread out to other parts of the world...

...Parts of the world like Mongolia where one of the considered most powerful & strongest sumo wrestler of all- Asashoryu is among the contestant for the ongoing Sumo Wrestling November Tournament that is being held at Fukuoka Kokusai Center in Japan which has started last November 15 and will go on through November 29. Sumo fans can witness Asashoryu and other sumo wrestlers fight as they want sumo wrestling live via online stream!

Asashoryu (real name: Dolgorsuren Dagvadorj) was born in Mongolia in September 27, 1980, weighs 150kg and stand 184cm. What I like about this guy is he is considered as one of the smallest of the whole sumo wrestling athletes but very strong and I also would love to watch sumo wrestling November 2009 live stream and watch this guy how he shoves and slaps the other guys!

If you like grandeur in sports and REAL wrestling, go for sumo wrestling and the November Tournament will go on until the 29th of November. After that, the Winter Tournament in December!


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