Watch Cardinals vs 49ers LIVE Online Stream

A long NFL game is coming your way this coming Monday, Dec. 14 and although it's the only game for that day, it's going to blow you apart to smithereens but it will leave you smiling and it's Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers and the game will start at 8:30pm ET right in the heart of San Francisco, CA- the Candlestick Park and you can watch Cardinals vs 49ers LIVE online stream or through ESPN or DIRECTV or maybe you want to listen to the whole game on SIRIUS!

This game will really blow you away! The Cardinals has an outstanding 8-4-0 record and are the 1st in NFC West. What about the 49ers? They have a 5-7-0 record and 2nd in the NFC West and as you go watch Cardinals vs 49ers LIVE via video streaming or through your TV, you will still feel the heat and swear you will feel as if it's already 12-21-2012!!!!

So, join in and feel the intensity and don't forget it's this Monday, Dec. 14 at 8:30pm ET!


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