Watch Dolphins vs Jaguars LIVE Online Stream

In the NFL season for 2009, we are in the middle of it already and it seems winners and losers are taking shape but still because the football is round, figuratively, anything can happen and something WILL happen this Sunday, Dec. 13 and it's the Miami Dolphins vs Jacksonville Jaguars and it's going to start at 1pm ET at the Jacksonville Municipal Stadium and you can watch Dolphins vs Jaguars live online or watch it through CBS or DIRECTV or listen to the game via SIRIUS!

The slippery Dolphins is now 2nd on the AFC East with a 6-6-0 record while the ever-cunning Jaguars enjoy a current record of 7-5-0 & is now ranking 2nd in the AFC South and as you watch Dolphins vs Jaguars live via video streaming, the collision will get meaner and bigger!

Don't forget, you are invited to watch Dolphins vs Jaguars live via online streaming and it's this Dec. 13, Sunday at 1pm ET!


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