Watch Jeanette Lee Online Stream

The fans of "The Black Widow" of billiards, the ever-flamboyant and the sexiest sports figure in sports history today, Jeanette Lee, will be excited all over again when they find out that Jeanette will be on the road again this December 19, 2009 and will be participating in the Strokers II in Tampa, Florida!

Jeanette Lee is undeniably a show-stopper and wherever she goes, she always exude confidence, mastery and skills in her favorite sports game- billiards! If NBA has Kobe, billiards has Jeanette.

There will be more of Jeanette in the coming days and be sure when the time comes when she's going to play at Tampa, Florida, you can be able to watch Jeanette Lee in action along with out superstar billiards player! Remember, the date is December 19, 2009 and it's going to be in Tampa, FL!


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