Watch NBA 76ers vs Mavericks LIVE via Video Streaming

The 76ers and the Mavs are at it again and this time, this Monday, Nov. 30 at 8:30pm ET, they will face each other at the home court of the Mavs and as you get to watch 76ers vs Mavericks live via online streaming or through your favorite TV network CSP and FSSW, you will get the chance to witness one of the best NBA match-up this season of 2009!
The 76ers will invade the Dallas corral with a 5-12 standing. Not much of an impressive kind of record but they will do everything to change their standing for the better. But of course, the 12-5 Dallas is there to protect everything they have and they will do their best to improve their standing more! Who will come out as the victor? Only Victor knows but if you watch NBA 76ers vs Mavericks via live streaming, you will know for sure!


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