Watch NBA Pacers vs Warriors LIVE via Video Streaming

For most basketball fans, the best league that can only make them excite so much is the NBA. Thus, here is one game that NBA fans shouldn't miss & it's the Indiana Pacers vs Golden State Warriors and they can enjoy the watching the game via NBATV or CSBA or they can watch Pacers vs Warriors live via video streaming!!The Pacers are now 4th in the Central-Eastern Conference with a standing of 6-8 and the Golden State Warriors are 5th in the Pacific-Western Conference with a 5-10 standing. Well, from the looks of it, the host, the Warriors, have a lot of things to come up with to stay in the game. Can they ever pull it through? Find out as you....

And, oh, by the way, the game is this Monday, Nov. 30 and it's going to start at 10:30pm ET and will be played at the home court of the Warriors! Watch out for it!


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