Watch New York Giants vs Washington Redskins Live Stream Online

If you would like to watch a good NFL game, you better set your sights on your PC or TV and watch New York Giants vs Washington Redskins live online stream and it's going to be this Monday, December 21 and it's going to start at 8:30pm ET and to be played at Washington Redskins' home turf!

The Giants will have the chance to prove themselves again when they face their NFC East division rivals, the Washington Redskins. However, their last defeat had cost them a chance of winning the NFC East but all can be well for them if they can win this Monday's game against a more seemingly inferior team and might get the chance on the playoffs.

So, until then, you are all going to wait for the answer of who's going to win but this Monday, just watch Giants vs Redskins live via video streaming and you definitely see the outcome first-hand!


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