This Sunday will be a good day for me and my family because we will be going on a weekend vacation to Indianapolis to visit an old friend. It will be a long trip from Tennessee to Indianapolis but you know what? I won't even feel tired traveling and it's because it's a coincidence that this Sunday, Dec. 6, our favorite NFL team, the Tennessee Titans will go against the Indianapolis Colts! I was worried that I can't watch Titans vs Colts live via video streaming because we will be going away but what luck I have! I can get to watch the game LIVE all along! And when I say "LIVE", I mean "LIVE!- right among with the other fans on the bleachers!

But anyway, if things don't turned as what I've expected, I can still get to watch Titans vs Colts live via online streaming or I can watch it via CBS or 704 DIRECTV but it's really great to be at the Lucas Oil Stadium and watch the game from the sidelines, right? Oh well...

It will still be fun to watch NFL Titans vs Colts live via online stream along with my friend and my family and it's going to be a great NFL Sunday on Dec. 6!


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