Watch NHL Canucks vs Hurricanes LIVE via Video Streaming

The Saturday's NHL events were very outstanding but still, there are more things in line that are even more exciting and when it comes to NHL,nothing can come close to playing on ice and making everything fiery-hot! This Sunday, Dec. 5, a lot of NHL games are in queue and one of them is the Vancouver Canucks vs Carolina Hurricanes NHL game and it will start at 1:30pm EST direct from the Hurricanes' home turf and you can watch NHL Canucks vs Hurricanes live via video streaming or on your favorite TV network, RSNP and/or FSCR!

The Carolina Hurricanes needed more than just hurricanes to come up with something to improve their standing which is 5-17-5 but clashing with the invading Canucks is not such the right place to do it but they are there to do what must be done! Can the host play their game the way they want to be or will the invaders gain higher ground? Find out as you watch NHL Canucks vs Hurricanes live via online streaming on your PC or through your TV!


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