Watch NHL Islanders vs Flyers LIVE via Video Streaming

It's December already and everything seems to be getting colder but not this one- an NHL game between the NY Islanders & Philadelphia Flyers and what an irony! It's December, hockey is played on ice but still this is going to be one of the hottest NHL match-up for this week if not for this season! This game will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 7pm EST and it's going to be played at Philadelphia Flyers' home turf and you can watch NHL Islanders vs Flyers live via video streaming through your PC or VS and TSN2 TV networks!

The invading NY Islanders has 11-11-7 standing and they are looking forward for a +1 on their winning notch but do you think the Flyers (13-12-1) will permit this? Who's going to get an inch closer to the Finals, the Islanders or the Flyers? Find out as you watch NY Islanders vs Flyers via online streaming!


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