Watch NHL Lightning vs Devils LIVE via Video Streaming

It's going to be a stormy and lightning Friday evening and devils are loose... on the NHL ice rink, that is. If you love watching NHL games, this one's going to melt the ice with its fiery-hot match-up: it's the Tampa Bay Lightning vs New Jersey Devils and it's going to start at 7pm EST and to be played in New Jersey & you can watch the game via live feed at SUN and MSG+ or you can watch NHL Lightning vs Devils live via online streaming!

The New Jersey Devils are looking to bounce back from their poor defensive plays recently and this game against the Lightning might be a good starting point. Well, they both enjoyed good standings (Lightning: 10-8-8 & Devils: 17-7-1) but of course, they wanted more! Can the hosts redeem themselves? Find out this Friday as you watch NHL Lightning vs Devils live via video streaming!

Just don't forget. This might be an NHL game but it's going to get hotter by the minute! So, bring out those ice-cold provisions and don't forget the hot dogs!


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