Watch NHL Oilers vs Stars LIVE via Video Streaming

A lot of NHL games are being lined for Saturday, Dec. 5 but this one's caught my attention and the attention of other NHL fans worldwide and it's the Edmonton Oilers vs Dallas Stars and this will happen at 2pm ET in Dallas, Texas and you can watch NHL Oilers vs Stars live via online streaming or through your favorite TV network RSW and FSSW!

As of this time, the Oilers has 11-13-4 standing and when they get to invade the Stars' (13-8-7) home turf, they are looking to make it 12-13-4 but of course, that is not an easy task. Dallas Stars are proving to be a tough team to beat and as you watch Edmonton Oilers vs Dallas Stars live online, you will be excited with the outcome of this game and that's for sure!!!

So, don't forget to watch NHL Oilers vs Stars live via video streaming and it's this Saturday, Dec. 5 at 2pm ET direct from where the action is!


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