Watch Sumo Wrestling January Tournament Live Stream Online

As we move on to next year, 2010, we will be witnessing once again another great Sumo Wrestling tournament and it's The January Tournament which will run from January 10, 2010 to January 24, 2010 and the venue is in Kokugikan in Japan. As with any other sumo wrestling competition like the Winter Tournament which was held just this December, various sumo wrestlers from all over the world will compete and one of the best wrestlers that you will witness as you watch sumo wrestling live online streaming is from Mongolia and his name is Munkhbat Davaajargal and he is known in the sumo wrestling ring as Hakuho and belongs to the Haya of Miyagino. He is now the 69th Grand Champion in Sumo wrestling.

He was born on March 11, 1985 and currently has a 489-142-21 record. We weighs 153 kg and stands at 192 cm. He will be competing in the January Tournament against the likes of Kaio, Chiyotaiki, Kakuryu and Asashoryu who is currently on the top of the sumo wrestling world. The tickets are available since December 5, 2009 so better get one for yourself now! If not, then, watch January Tournament of Sumo Wrestling live via online streaming!


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