Watch BCS Championship LIVE|BCS Texas vs Alabama LIVE Online

This coming Thursday, Jan. 7, another great BCS match-up is going to tackle and punt its way to your living room and it's a very exciting episode in the Bowl Championship Series and you can watch Texas vs Alabama live stream online and it's coming your way at 8pm ET! Catch them live and direct through ESPN TV and radio!

College football are very much in demand today for a lot of viewers especially football fans across US and Canada and even the whole world and now, they can watch BCS Texas vs Alabama LIVE stream online!

Just recently, Alabama made a hot pancake out of Florida in its recently-concluded game with ease in the SEC Championship. On the other hand, Texas roasted Nebraska also recently. This Thursday, who's going to roast who, Texas or Alabama? You can find the answer when you watch BCS Texas vs Alabama live online!


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