Watch Martinez vs Burgos Live Stream Online

Another great boxing match is going to take place this Friday, January 15, 2010, 9pm ET at the heart of Texas particularly at Laredo Civic Center in Laredo and it's going to be Juan Carlos Martinez vs Juan Carlos Burgos and the featherweight title is on the line!

Juan Carlos "El Pez" Martinez has a 9-6-1 5 KOs record listed on his name and he hails from San Luis Potosi, Mexico and his opponent, Juan Carlos "Miniburgos" Burgos is from Tijuana, Mexico with a record of 23-0-0 16 KOs. Well, it seems that the second Juan Carlos has the chance to get the crown from his namesake, what do you think? Just watch Martinez vs Burgos Live online and you will know the answer!

So, catch this great boxing match-up, actually, a re-match between the two Juan Carlos' and it's brought to you by ESPN Boxing network or you can watch Martinez vs Burgos LIVE stream online for free! Between the two, the reigning champion is JC Martinez and JC Burgos is determined to get the title this Saturday! Can he make it or will JC Martinez will still be the champion? You can only find out the answer when you watch Martinez vs Burgos live via online streaming!!!


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