Watch Oliver McCall vs Victor Bisbal Live Stream Online

Two of the most popular and charismatic boxers in the heavyweight division will clash with each other and shake the earth with unprecedented power and might this coming Friday, Jan. 22 and it's Oliver McCall vs Victor Bisbal live online on your TV or Internet PC and the clash of the titanic bulldogs will take place at Miami, Florida!

Powerhouse Oliver McCall is now 42 years old and a grandfather of two tots. This is an age where most boxers are thinking about a whole-day vacation at a beach for a year or two. But for McCall, it is not yet time for him to hang his gloves. He still got someone on his mind and it Victor Bisbal and he must face him before his plan of retirement materializes this year. Victor Bisbal, on the other hand, a Puerto Rican is 30 years old this year nods his head in approval for the McCall vs Bisbal LIVE fight this Jan. 22!

So, better clutch on to whatever there is beside you 'coz the tremors that you will feel when you watch McCall vs Bisbal live stream online will be 10.0 on the Richter scale! It's going to be a helluva of a heavyweight boxing match! Better watch it out...or better watch out!


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