Watch Ouma vs Martirosyan Live Stream Online

Vanes Martirosyan has never had a title shot in his entire career but this Saturday, Jan. 16, he will be facing one of the greatest adversaries and it's Kassim Ouma! This fight can lead to a title bout before the end of this year! Between the two, who do you think will be the next boxing star? You can find out when you watch Ouma vs Martirosyan live stream online via your Internet PC and it's going to be held at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This is exclusively brought to you live by Fox Sports and Fox Espanol!!!

Freddie Roach, the dynamic coach of Manny Pacquiao, the Filipino pound-for-pound king, is also the coach of Martirosyan and he feels that his boxer is ready to take on Kassim Ouma and ready to catapult his boxing career to another high level of intensity! This Glendale, CA native has got what it takes to face the powerful Ugandan, Florida boxer! It's going to be an explosive fight so buy your tickets now in order to watch Ouma vs Martirosyan live or watch it live online! Don't dare miss this one!


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