Watch Tampa Bay Lightning vs Philadelphia Flyers LIVE Stream Online

Another pair of NHL teams are going at it again and this is going to be played this Saturday, Jan. 9 and it's the Tampa Bay Lightning vs Philadelphia Flyers live online and they will go against each other at the latter's fiery-hot ice rink in Wachovia Center in Philadelphia!!! All of these NHL mayhem is going to take place 7pm ET and will be brought to you by CSP!

This NHL season seems to be very good for the Tampa Bay Lightning ice warriors. With a 16-16-10 standing, they are still holding on and trying to get the chance to play in the playoffs. But the Philadelphia Flyers area also standing on solid ice. Their standing is 21-19-3 and they will do everything they can this Sunday to make it 22-19-3! Can they ever do that? Will they be able to defend their turf against the invading Lightning?

You can find out all the answers when you get to watch Lightning vs Flyers live via video streaming and it's a guarantee that you will fall of your seat and into the icy battle grounds of NHL when you get to watch this very exciting NHL game!


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