Cain Velasquez Wins Over Antonio Nogueira|Watch Velasquez vs Nogueira Replay

The legend in MMA is no more. He has been turned into a helpless doll and was beaten to a pulp and have his face re-arranged and he didn't like it. The fight between Cain Velasquez & Antonio Nogueira has just concluded in the MMA octagon and it is the much-talk of the town and you know why? Because Cain Velasquez taught the whole world how to pepper a legend like a helpless rag doll. If you really want to know Velasquez did it and you haven't seen the fight, you can watch Velasquez vs Nogueira match replay through online streaming. If you have watched it, it deserves a second view.

Brazilian Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is considered a legend. With a 32-6-1 record, why shouldn't he be? But, the thing is, he became a rag doll in just 2 minutes and 20 seconds of Round one in the Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Nogueira match. Velasquez really stood up to his promise that he would turn the legend inside out and he did. Watch Velasquez vs Nogueira replay video.

Now, after the Velasquez vs Nogueira live match, the world is expecting even bigger and meaner matches for the newly-crowned king of the MMA ring. They have Brock Lesnar in mind and this behemoth is looking for a triumphant comeback. Will Velasquez ever stood up to "The Pain"?


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