Five Tips to Watch Winter Olympics 2010 Live

So, you are gearing up to go to Canada with either your family and friends and would like to watch Winter Olympics 2010 live and direct from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, right? Well, before you go, there are five things/tips that you need to know. These tips will help you enhance your Olympic experience so you can get to enjoy more of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games.

1.) You need to arrive early: If you miss the start of the competition, you lose a third of your life. Know before you go and leave earlier to clear the security screening. If you arrive on time, you might not see the start of the competition as the line in security clearing can be very long.

2.) Check your tickets for the correct session code. Treat it with utmost care. If you lost your ticket or someone stole it, it can't be replaced or refunded.

3.) Don't bring a bag bigger than a bread box, you will have to go through the standard lane. If you have a bag that is small or you have no bag at all, you can use the express lane to enter the venue.

4.) Be prepared to pass the magnetometer. Empty your pockets beforehand of all metal objects that you might be carrying along.

5.) Follow the instructions religiously. There will be public information marshalls on designated areas. They will welcome you and be glad to show your way around the venue and follow every word they say.

So,there you have it. Now, you are ready to go and watch Winter Olympics 2010 with family and friends in Vancouver and Whistler. In Whistler, the Paralympic Winter Games will be held from March 12 to 21, 2010.


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