Watch Pakistan vs Australia Twenty20 LIVE Stream Online

The last test match win for Pakistan in Australia was way back in November of 1995. But since then, Pakistan lost 10 out of 12 tests and the 10 loses they have suffered consecutively to the Australians. This coming Friday, February 5, the Pakistanis see an opportunity make an equalizer and they are out again to set foot on Australia and take on the Australians for an Only Twenty20 cricket match at Melbourne, Australia which will start at 7pm Australia time, 12:30 pm Pakistan and 8am UK! So, this coming Friday, sit back, relax and/or get excited as you watch Pakistan vs Australia live stream online!!!

In the past, the Pakistanis have suffered great losses at the Land Down Under. Pakistan have last won 16 and lost 27 with a tied and a no result game when they played 45 ODIs vs Australia. Can they beat the Aussies this time this February 5? Can the Pakistanis improve their dismal performance or will it be another cakewalk for the Aussies back home? You can only find out once you watch Pakistan vs Australia live online and don't forget the date, it's February 5, 2010 at 8pm UK!!! Don't dare miss it!!!


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