Remembering Rocky Graziano | Watch Rocky Graziano Videos

Do you remember Rocky Graziano? He was one of the best knockout punchers in the whole world and has given boxing a good name. In 2003, he was rated as the 23rd all-time Knockout Puncher by The Ring Yearbook. You can read more about Rocky Graziano to refresh your memory from this boxing website. For those who are not familiar with Rocky, you can read the same.

Of all the fights that he had gone through, there are three famous of them all and all of them was against Tony Zale. Aside from that he had fight other boxers with the likes of Al “Bummy” Davis, and Freddie “Red” Cochrane, Tony Janiro, Charlie Fusari, Joe Curcio, Johnny Greco, Jane Burton, Robin Jones and Harold Green.

You can also search the Net for Rocky Graziano videos and see what we are talking about!


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