Watch 23rd Japan Open 2010 LIVE Billiards Tournament

Filipino cue legends Francisco "Django" Bustamante and Efren "Bata" Reyes will be at the helm of a group of Filipino cue artists to compete in the 23rd annual Japan Open on March 20 in Tokyo, Japan. Worldwide fans of the Magician Bata Reyes and Django Bustamante will surely be flabbergasted as they watch 23rd Japan Open 2010 LIVE Billiards Tournament on the said date.

All across the world, tough billiards players from US, Europe, Chinese-Taipei, China, Korea and Vietnam will also be there, according to 55-year-old Bata and Django couldn't agree more. Bustamante, on the other hand has topped the 2009 All-Japan 9-ball championship that was held in Hyogo, Japan last November. But he knows they will be facing the toughest players in the land this coming 20th of March and why not? The tourney offers two million yen, roughly about 835,127 Philippine Peso or close to $18000. This tourney will be a two-day event.

So, don't forget all of you billiards fans out there! This coming March 20, you will have the chance to watch 23rd Japan Open 2010 live online streaming or direct from your TV!


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