Duke Wins NCAA Championship|Watch Butler vs Duke Replay

Finally, the games in NCAA Championships for 2010 are finally over and one team stands out from among numerous other contenders. As the smoke has cleared, the Duke Blue Devils stands mighty proud with a score of 61-59 in favor of Duke! It was the most memorable title games of all time- a classic David and Goliath-like confrontation and in the end, the Blue Devils were not blue at all, but happy and jubilant Blue Devils! I, for one, was really excited while watching the game and every second is worth watching! I wish I could watch Butler vs Duke replay soon so I can relinquished the whole game again and again. I will not be surprised that one of these players will end up playing in the backyard of professional players someday!

I bet that years from now, they will still recall how Gordon Hayward desperately made a half-court heave to beat the buzzer, then hung on the rim before falling away, leaving the hometown, small-school Bulldogs inches from pulling away with the golden catch. For coach Mike Krzyzewski, it was the best ballgame he ever had. Hayward hates losing. But what can he do? The Blue Devils really prevailed but for him, it would be a great motivation for him.

It was inded a great game and I'm sure many of you will agree to this! Again, I hope I can watch Butler vs Duke replay and that can also motivate me in any endeavors that I can go through in life.


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