NCAA Final 4 Live Championship 2010|NCAA 2010 Final 4

The tickets have been sold out, the jerseys are worn and a few minutes from now, the Lucas Oil Stadium will be packed to the brim for the whole Saturday evening from 6 to around 9 to 10pm ET for the Final Four Live championship! This is what everyone has been waiting for! The four top contenders in the NCAA tournament are gearing up and get to each other to get to the NCAA gold here at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis!

The Butler team is ready for anything that Michigan St. will unleash to them and vice-versa! West Virginia is all "scaled" up to ram the Duke team! But of course, the Dukes are devilish in their plans to win the championship! And the whole world is watching....

Just in case, here's the NCAA Final 4 schedule:

Butler vs Michigan St. @ 6:07pm ET &

West Virginia vs Duke @ 8:47pm ET (or right after the Butler-Michigan St. game)

It's going to be mayhem in the NCAA 2010 Final 4 so better get yourself ready to get excited! Follow the NCAA Final 4 schedule and you can never go wrong!


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