Somebody Said That You Can Watch Rockies vs Padres Replay

The Major League Baseball is alive once again and this time the 2010 home opener in Colorado had sounded the blaring trumpets of the league. Colorado Rockies beat the San Diego Padres today, 7-0 at the Coors Field! It was a very exciting game and unfortunately, I haven't seen the game from start to finish. Well, frankly speaking, I haven't seen the game but somebody said that I can watch Rockies vs Padres replay via online streaming. Well, if that is true, then, I don't have to worry about something, right? I can get home from work and watch the game replay. To find that is my next move.

But the game is not the only reason why you should watch Rockies vs Padres replay. It was a great home opener for the Colorado Rockies. For one, today's paid attendance was more than 49,000 and it is a new Coors Field regular season record for attendance. The recently-concluded game was the second home opener win for the Rockies. They last shut down the St. Louis Cardinals in another home opener last April 2, 2001. Another thing, De La Rosa tossed 97 pitches, 63 of which were strikes and these are all inside the seven innings!

Even these situations are good reason enough to watch the home opener over and over again! So, what are you waiting for? Accompany me in looking for a way to watch Rockies vs Padres game all over again via video streaming!


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