Watch 2010 Virgin London Marathon Online LIVE

Watch 2010 Virgin London Marathon Online LIVE

Everyone is set to go to London, UK for the 2010 Virgin London Marathon which is set this coming April 25, 2010! Anybody who is "up and running" to witness this yearly marathon event is invited to watch 2010 Virgin London Marathon Online LIVE along East Smithfield in London!

But of course, it would be best to go out there and watch the marathon at different places at different times. Spectators like you should be well-acquainted where to watch what and when, right? So, if you will try to watch the marathon on East Smithfield near the halfway point (about 13 miles), you will first see the leaders in the men's wheelchair event at around 10:07am UK. Then, the elite women will pass by a minute later at 10:08am and more or less, about 10:14am, the leader in the women's elite wheelchair should be passing next. Finally, the fastest elite men will race past out towards Canary Wharf at around 10:47am followed by a throng of runners from different parts of the world. These are just calculated times but I'm sure this will give you a rough idea on where to situate yourself so you can better watch the whole event! This is why there are some who would prefer to watch Virgin London Marathon online stream so as not to get confused!

However, the order of the marathon will be: the Elite Women will start at 9am, wheel chair men and women at 9:20am and the elite men together with all of the other participants will start at 9:45am.

It will be a great event for everyone both participants and spectators! Once again, if you can't make it to watch 2010 Virgin London Marathon live from where the action will take place, you can watch it live via online streaming!


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