Watch Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds

This coming April 11 is a day where there are lots of baseball games on the Major League Baseball. Let's start off withe the National League where you can witness the Chicago Cubs vs Cincinnati Reds go at each other for this MLB season! The game will start at 1:10pm ET at the turf of the Reds!

For the Reds, this could be a more improved season for them as they have acquired Arizona State's right-hander eighth overall, Mike Leake. Leake is the first drafted players in a decade to make it to the MLB without ever playing in the minors. He, together with the Reds, are looking forward to capture the decisive finale of a three-game set against the visiting Chicago Cubs. If you watch Cubs vs Reds live, you will really see how Leake performs with the major league players!

So, what are you waiting for? Get those cold provisions out from the fridge and plump in front of your PC or TV and watch Cubs vs Reds online live and direct from where the action is!


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