Watch Flyers vs Devils LIVE NHL Match One

In this NHL match, everything will be flying all around! First to fly are the Philadelphia Flyers who will be flying to New Jersey and with the an equally-flying NHL team and a hot one at that and it's the New Jersey Devils! And while the Flyers will be flying over to the Devils' lair, The New Jersey Devils have more to worry about than the Philadelphia Flyers in the first round of the playoffs. But whatever it is, you are all invited to watch Flyers vs Devils live NHL match number one this coming Tuesday, Sept. 21 at New Jersey and the game starts at 16:300 EDT and will be shown live via TSN and CSP network!

What the Devils need to worry are themselves! If they can't forget and bury the hatchet when they were beaten by the Flyers in five of six regular-season games including one in overtime, that might be bad news for them. For many years, their faults were the ones that made them very disappointed in recent years. They had a big share of defeat, first the past two seasons against the Carolina and the Rangers and were eliminated in the 2nd round two years before that.

That means, if they want to beat the visiting Flyers, they should concentrate on how to deal with their boners and concentrate in improving their game! This should be an exciting match, isn't it? So, go out there and watch Flyers vs Devils live and direct from where the action is!


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