Watch Jones Jr vs Hopkins II Fight Live Online

Saturdays are reserved for watching a lot of boxing bouts. Well, that's according to my weekend itinerary and I'm sure that most of you would also like to watch boxing bouts during weekends, right? Well, here's one that will keep you on the edge of your seats: it's Roy Jones Jr vs Bernard Hopkins II and you can watch Jones Jr vs Hopkins II fight live and direct from Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and this is this Saturday, April 3! This will start at 9pm ET/6pm PT and is brought to you live via PPV InDemand!

For the past days up to the time of their official weigh-in, these two aggressive gladiators are saying all the right things. But when Saturday comes, things could get uglier by the minute and it could be a brawl and not just a boxing match!

This is actually a rematch between Roy Jones, Jr. & Bernard Hopkins and it's 17 years in the making! Yes, that's right. It took so long for this light heavyweight bout to materialize. You might not remember how they got going 17 years ago. Well, just think of Larry Holmes vs Muhammad Ali and you will have an idea of what to expect and you will have goosebumps!

Today, Hopkins and Jones are 45 and 41, respectively, but that is irrelevant. They still fight as if they have just made headlines yesterday! But between them, Hopkins will be the most competitive and aggressive as he was the one who lost the fight against Jones 17 years ago!

So, now, can you imagine what to expect come April 3? Now, be prepared to watch Jones Jr vs Hopkins II live stream online via PPV InDemand!


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