Watch LA Kings vs Canucks Online Stream NHL Game 1

Watch LA Kings vs Canucks Online Stream NHL Game 1

Things are getting hotter on the NHL even though the games are being played on ice and this coming Thursday, April 15, another NHL game on ice will surely make you go hotter by the minute and it's the LA Kings vs Canucks live from Vancouver, Canada! Everybody is invited to come and see LA Kings vs Canucks online stream via Versus & CBC networks. The game will start at 10pm ET!

Vancouver has just been the venue for the recent Winter Olympics but now they will be hosting their game against the visiting Los Angeles Kings on a bid for the championship title even though the finals is just far away, you can really feel the intensity heat up this coming Thursday!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to watch LA Kings vs Canucks online stream, that is, if you can't make it to where the action is! But if you ask me, I would certainly witness LA Kings vs Vancouver Canucks right in the cold, cold sidelines for their Game 1 in the NHL Stanley Cup 2010 Playoffs!


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