The Cox Sports Providence Marathon 2010 LIVE

The Cox Sports Providence Marathon 2010 LIVE

You are free to participate or just watch The Cox Sports Providence Marathon 2010 live which will take place this Sunday, May 2 at Providence, Rhode Island, USA! It's going to be a wonderful Sunday for both participants and spectators as they will be among those lucky individuals who can be in the middle of a breath-taking scenery where the marathon event will take place!

Just like last year, the 2010 Cox Sports Marathon will be out of Providence into East Providence and Barrington, utilizing much of the East Bay Bike Path. There will be three events, the marathon, half marathon and 5K. All will start and finish on Exchange Terrace in downtown Providence. A hundred meters from the venue is the Providence Westin Hotel which will host the race expo, race registration and packet pickup.

The schedule for the Cox Sports Marathon is 7:45am. The marathon event will start first at 8am followed by half marathon. Then, the Harpoon 5K will start at 11:15am.

If you're participating in any of these events, then, good luck. If you're just watching, enjoy the race and enjoy the scenery. If you can't make it to RI, then, you can still enjoy while you watch Cox Sports Marathon 2010 right in your own home!


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