Watch Canadiens vs Penguins Game 7 Online|Watch Canadiens vs Penguins Game 7 Live Online

It's judgment night for both Montreal Canadiens and Pittsburgh Penguins this Wednesday, May 12 and it will start at 7pm ET! They are 3 wins apiece and this 7th game will decide who will advance and get closer to the Stanley Cup! If you have nothing to do and even if you have something to do, leave everything behind first and watch Canadiens vs Penguins Game 7 live and direct from Pittsburgh!

Strange as it may seem for some, it's a miracle that the Montreal Canadiens have made it to Game 7! Even if these two teams have been winning their previous games alternately, it's still a miracle how the Canadiens have gotten this far. But I'm sure the Canadiens are primed and ready to take on everything to make it this far. But the Penguins are also ready for anything and there is only one thing they have uttered prior to Game 7: "They're here..."

So,are you here or anywhere to watch Canadiens vs Penguins Game 7? Better get prepared for this as this will be the hottest NHL game played on a very thin cold ice!


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